GeoBI 4.1.2 is out! GeoBI is the most integrated professional mapping component for SAP BusinessObjects, allowing you to easily geo-analyze your business data and indicators at the heart of your BO universes. So, what's new with GeoBI 4.1.2?

New GEO Services for richer analyses

GeoBI 4.1.2 offers access to brand new GEO Services, including geocoding and isolines.

  • Geocoding: no more data left asideGeoBI 4.1.2 enables batch geocoding as well as geocoding on the fly, on a very large variety of data formats.
  • Isolines: visualize the scope before decidingIsolines displays the area of influence of a phenomenon. Isolines are most helpful when deciding the best locations for sales outlets according to customer catchment areas, for instance. GeoBI 4.1.2 offers a wide range of customizable isolines.

Together with a worldwide trusted GIS platform and an ability to handle very large amounts of data, GeoBI 4.1.2 becomes a reference mapping component for SAP BusinessObjects.