The innovative GIS software provider

The innovative GIS software provider

We, Business Geografic, are an innovative software provider in the fields of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geo-Analytics.

Innovation is in our DNA. We initiated the web GIS revolution in the 2000s, pioneered the Geo-Business Intelligence concept a few years later and, now, innovate in Geo-Prospective.

At Business Geografic, creativity, innovation and growth go hand in hand. We have been pursuing a policy of continuous innovation for 25 years to explore, test and validate new opportunities for innovation before industrialising them for the use of thousands of users. The fruits of our innovation are acclaimed worldwide.

At Business Geografic, we draw inspiration from our customers and our ongoing technology watch in the fields of geomatics, Business Intelligence and RDBMS. We provide GIS and Location Intelligence solutions whose richness and power are key factors that set them apart in the eyes of our users.


GEO, our GIS and Location Intelligence platform, is the fruit of this continuous process of innovating.

GEO offers state-of-the-art technologies, tools and solutions to generate, disseminate and share all sorts of multi-public and multi-device cartographic applications in responsive HTML5 mode.

The strengths of GEO are its interoperability, its functional richness and its power. GEO is constantly evolving both technologically and functionally, just like an invitation to adopt GIS, geomarketing and geo-decisional practices that are continually better.

Location Intelligence

GEO also comes with Location Analytics, or Geo-Business Intelligence, solutions. 

These solutions are pure innovation products in terms of Location Intelligence. They capitalize on our two-fold expertise in Geomatics and Business Intelligence to integrate the spatial dimension at the heart of decisional processes.

We are a world leader in the Geo-Business Intelligence field. Our Location Analytics solutions are acclaimed on five continents are recognized by the world leaders in decision-making.


GEO is also the very first geomatics platform to offer true software products for geo-prospective.

When climate, business models and value systems change, the world itselft changes and adapts. Sustainable developement, responsible economy, inclusive growth: tomorrow's major challenges need to be addressed as soon as today.

At Business Geografic, we design geo-prospective solutions to draw tomorrow's balances in all fields of study: energies, climate, trade, transports, environment, agriculture, etc. Still with the same innovative approach...