Géoclip demonstrations


Try the Géoclip demo applications we have prepared for you; you'll get a first glimpse of the geostatistical features and representation modes coming with Géoclip.

There are many reasons why Géoclip is so popular. The power of simple and comparative analyses at all cartographic scales, the precise localization and rendering of data and indicators, the complementarity nature of graphic and cartographic representation modes, etc. are some of these reasons. Make up your own mind: try it yourself!

Please note that most customers publish their Géoclip observatories in public web mode: don't hesitate to visit their geostatistical observatories as well. Our Business Geografic teams are also available to put you in touch with our Géoclip Customers and Partners.




France Découverte is the most exhaustive geostatistical observatory of France in public web mode. 

Initially created for demo purposes, France Découverte has very quickly become an application, dare we say it, of public utility.

Territorial actors and decision-makers from all horizons, as well as statisticians, researchers, journalists, teachers, students, etc. have saved France Découverte in their web favorites in order to visualize, analyze and follow the French territorial, economic, political, socio-demographic, cultural, health, etc. news from a geostatistical perspective. 

Our Business Geografic teams carefully collect, compile, document, keep up to date and enrich the data included in - or linked to - this Géoclip observatory, in order to provide you with information that is as precise and accurate as the data allows. If you haven't already done so, add France Découverte to your web favorites so that you too can benefit from the richness of this showcase geostatistical observatory!