GEO Software is expanding internationally with increasing recognition and awareness worldwide; today, Business Geografic and Smart Group Perú are pleased to share with you a new customer success story based on GEO Software with the Peruvian Navy.

The Peruvian Navy (Marina de guerra del Perú - MGP) is part of the Peruvian Armed Forces; the Navy contributes to the surveillance and defense of the maritime and port areas of the territory. The Peruvian Navy has been working with GIS and geo-decisional solutions based on Business Geografic's GEO technologies since the beginning of the current health crisis, in order to follow the evolution of Covid-19 within its workforce.

Like numerous countries in the world, Peru has been fighting with the sanitary crisis related to Covid-19 since the beginning of the year 2020; on March 16, 2020, the country has been strictly confined. The Peruvian Armed Forces, including the Navy, have been taking a major role in the management of this health crisis.  

In view of the emergency of this situation, Business Geografic deployed GIS and Geo-Business Intelligence technologies based on GEO Software to answer Smart Group Perú's needs. These innovative, powerful and feature rich GIS tools helped the Peruvian Navy manage and contain the progression of Covid-19 among its 250,000 active and retired members and their families.

All the actors involved in the project - Business Geografic, Smart Group Perú, Protecta and Softguard - worked together and succeeded, in less than 3 days, to bring all their skills and technical know-how to meet the needs and expectations of the Peruvian Navy in the management of the Covid-19 health crisis.

"We are proud of our commitment and that of our partners to the Peruvian Navy, which can efficiently handle Covid-19 through the deployment of innovative and powerful mapping and Geo-Business Intelligence solutions", explains Manuel DELFÍN, Executive Director of Smart Group Perú.

Business Geografic expands its GIS and Location Intelligence know-how internationally. Download the case study (PDF) to discover the teamwork between Business Geografic and Smart Group Perú for the Peruvian Navy.