Business Geografic will exhibit at Geospatial World Forum 2016, 23-26 May 2016 at Rotterdam, The Nertherlands. Business Geografic will organize an exclusive dedicated session about state-of-the-art GIS generation. Come and discover Business Geografic's GEO Generator in motion! Business Geografic will also showcase various GIS and Geo-Analytics demonstrations on booth #018. 

Business Geografic's session at Geospatial World Forum 2016 (English language session):

With the democratization of web GIS and the exponential expansion of open data provision and availability, key indicator geo-visualization has become a must-have in Analytics and BI. One can now easily enrich their information system with large volumes of open data on top of their own business and geographical data.

Modern, professional GIS technologies enable you to cross data the easy way, in order to gain new strategic and prospective insights from your data, whatever your data formats, whatever their volumes as well. This is the power of modern GIS.

Business is a GIS innovation provider. GEO is Business Geografic’s brand new, powerful, and feature-rich GIS platform. GEO enables anyone – GIS experts and beginners – to generate full web, HTML5 responsive mapping applications for the professionals as well as the general public.

Business Geografic will show you how easily building, publishing and sharing state-of-the-art GIS applications have become. Generating your mapping applications just in a few clicks through your web browser, without writing a single line of code … does this make sense for you? We guess it does! We’ll demo the whole process of map generation live to introduce you with the added-value of GEO. For this, we’ll immerse ourselves into the topic of energy use and consumption in Europe, as a friendly reminder of the COP21 – just to show you how powerful GIS generation and analytics are nowadays.