This year's Qonnections promises to be an exceptional BI event, with all Qlik partners and customers called for 4 days of "the most advanced thinking in business intelligence".

Business Geografic, the software provider behind GeoQlik, is preparing for this major global event, with new GeoQlik releases to come for both QlikView and Qlik Sense, an exclusive GeoQlik for Qlik Sense live demonstration and two GeoQlik customer testimonials to be showcased at Qonnections. So, what's the whole story about, as for this year's Qonnections?

Exclusive GeoQlik demo - Climate-oriented BI - by Business Geografic

"The U.S. Department of Commerce considers that 70% of the global economy is “climate-sensitive”. Yes - your own business is most likely to be sensitive to climatic variations and hazards! How, then, integrate climate impacts in your activity monitoring? This is the question we’ll give answers to, by showcasing a Qlik Sense enriched with GeoQlik, the world #1 mapping extension for QlikView and Qlik Sense, demo application.

Let’s imagine we are an agri-food industrial producer and let’s take data. Large volumes of business, geographical, socio-economic, statistical and environmental data. Data of all kinds, all formats, all sources - including the Qlik DataMarket indeed. Let’s (geo-)analyze the impacts of tracked climate variations over the past fifty years on your past turnover and business profitability, with a special focus on the rainy season, when weather conditions impact our production activity the most dramatically. Let’s draw the right conclusions from this analysis to see how we can monitor and plan better our daily and short-term production activity, to reduce overproduction and waste for instance, according to, let’s say, the current 10-day weather forecast integrated within our Qlik Sense sheet thanks a dynamic web service. 

Let’s even draw predictive (geo-)analyses in order to anticipate the impacts of predictable climatic variations on our mid and long term production activity… and maybe even manage to convert the initial predicable weather hazards into business opportunities?" By Business Geografic, the software provider behind GeoQlik. 

Improving healthcare with GeoQlik

The Business Organization Manager of Cohesie, a leading Dutch organization in primary healthcare (HippoLine's customer), will demonstrate how mapping health emergencies and illnesses with GeoQlik helps reduce costs and improve service quality and efficiency. By Cohesie - this is a HippoLine's customer story (GeoQlik partner in The Netherlands).

Insights into QlikView and GeoQlik 

The IT Director of Chiesi Pharmaceuticals LLC, Russian affiliate of Chiesi (ATK Consulting Group's customer), Qlik Luminary 2014, will showcase Chiesi's insights into QlikView, GeoQlik and NPrinting for sales and marketing analytics as well as strategic decision-making. By Chiesi Pharmaceuticals LLC - This is an ATK Consulting Group's customer story (GeoQlik partner in Russia).

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