Moving BI and GIS closer together thanks to GeoQlik further enriched with GEO Software: Business Geografic invites all Qlik and GeoQlik partners to come and meet at Qonnections 2017 for an immersive introduction to enhanced Geospatial Intelligence based on Qlik and GeoQlik further enriched with GEO Software.

Over 3000 Qlik data experts, analysts, developers and tech experts will be joining this year's Qonnections event in Orlando, Florida (USA)... and Business Geografic is getting ready to blow them away! Business Geografic sponsors Qonnections and their GeoQlik team is getting prepared with exclusive product demonstrations to take all Qlik and GeoQlik Partners to another level of Geospatial Intelligence, with a new Partner Program relying on both GeoQlik and GEO Software. 

GEO Software is the next-generation mapping platform developed by Business Geografic. GEO Software gathers leading-edge GIS technologies, connectors and APIs that open the gates to a new era of mapping innovation while cutting across all kinds of constraints for users. GEO Software, just as GeoQlik, was born from the deep conviction that technology can be an outstanding lever for the transformation and modernization of business processes. GEO Software was also inspired by the tens of thousands of Qlik + GeoQlik users who encouraged Business Geografic to keep on surpassing their mapping innovation talent. GEO Software is natively interoperable with QlikView and Qlik Sense to provide Qlik + GeoQlik users with unprecedented mapping capabilities right from their Qlik-based tools - and far beyond.

Thanks to GeoQlik further enriched with GEO Software, Business users capitalize on both QlikTech’s BI tools and Business Geografic’s GIS platform to move the two complementary worlds of BI and GIS even closer together (press release).

Come and meet Business Geografic's GeoQlik teams at Qonnections, 15-18 May 2017, to discover how true innovative mapping analytics and spatial intelligence can now be, from Qlik documents and sheets to Geospatial Intelligence dashboards based on Qlik, GeoQlik and GEO Software technologies all together!

Date: 15-18 May 2017
Place: Orlando, Florida (USA)
Register: visit the Qonnections website.