After Amsterdam in April 2019, Business Geografic will join the GEO Business Show event in May 2019 in London, UK, with a dedicated GEO Key workshop. 

GEO Key results from a major innovation project led by Business Geografic and supported by Europe and France (Eurostars program). GEO Key follows Business Geografic’s uncompromising software product philosophy: interoperability with all kinds of GIS standards and contextual and business data formats, power, scalability, simplicity and responsive HTML5 (multi-device) portability for end-users. 

GEO Key encourages access to cutting-edge data introspection and Geo-Business Intelligence practices, for as many people as possible from the private and public sectors, from Geo-Reporting and Observatories to Geo-Prospective by way of Geo-Analytics, regardless of the data formats and volumes.

GEO Key workshop: How to easily produce a geographical analytic solution that brings forward trends and eases decision-making? GEO Key, as part of Business Geografic's GEO Software platform, enables to integrate a spatial point of view in the decision-making process. It also supplies powerful mapping features for geo-reporting, spatial and predictive analysis. GEO Key provides interactive BI maps, which are dynamically linked to the data - this enables to configure intuitive dashboards. GEO Key also provides a wide range of innovative mapping features and analysis based on small to big volumes of data. Your turn now: prepare your data, build your dashboards and make better decisions! 

Register for the GEO Business Show 2019 event to attend Business Geografic's GEO Key workshop and book your meeting with Business Geografic's teams onsite (stand F3)!

Date: 21-22 May 2019
Place: London, United Kingdom
Program and registration: visit the GEO Business Show website.