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E-navigation (sailing)

Published on 29 March 2016
Watch the video to discover E-Navigation, one of the most famous mapping applications from the French Bassin d'Arcachon syndicate (SIBA). This application gathers all details and security instructions for the general public when navigating ...

The Grand Paris Express project

Published on 07 December 2015
The French Société du Grand Paris' mapping application is based on the GEO Technologies. Discover the current and future public transport network in Paris, the touristic spots within Paris and the Grand Paris Express project planning. ...

GeoQlik is out

Published on 30 October 2012
We are very pleased to anounce the release of GeoQlik This significant update come with several improvements.  Experience enhanced operating performances GeoQlik handles very large volumes of data: you already knew that. The good ...
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