As promised, we are pleased to announce that GEO Key, the universal and innovative Geo-Business Intelligence solution for the global GIS and BI market, is available!

GEO Key results from an innovation project that has received funding from Europe (Eurostars programme). GEO Key follows our uncompromising software product philosophy: interoperability with all kinds of GIS standards and contextual and business data formats, power, scalability, simplicity and responsive HTML5 (multi-device) portability for end-users, etc.

Beyond these essential requirements, GEO Key is also - and above all - a component that is fully integrated within our GEO platform. GEO Key is ipso facto totally interoperable with our GEO Technologies (GEO Generator, GEO Services, GEO APIs, etc.) as well as our GEO business solutions. GEO Key encourages access to cutting-edge data introspection and Geo-Business Intelligence practices, for as many people as possible from the private and public sectors, from Geo-Reporting and Observatories to Geo-Prospective by way of Geo-Analytics, regardless of the data formats and volumes. A new geo-decisional era is beginning with GEO Key: we are eager to introduce you with the many possibilities offered with GEO Key!

Sales managers, operational decision-makers, strategic directors: register for our GEO Key webinars and/or contact us to learn more about GEO Key!