Villeurbanne (France), 02 July 2012 - Business Geografic welcomes the sixtieth GeoQlik reseller within their Partner Network. A rapidly expanding network that reflects a further degree of maturity in the learning process of Business Intelligence.  

GeoQlik Partner Network is growing fast

More than a dozen resellers have joined GeoQlik Partner Network since the beginning of the year, including:

  • in Europe: ASI Informatique, Noesis, Reditus, Auren Consultores, Comex Grupo Ibérica;
  • on the American continent: Keyrus Canada, QlikSoft, Business Analytics SAC;
  • in Oceania: AtoBI, etc.

With a sixtieth partnership contract, a global sales coverage and an increasingly prominent web community, GeoQlik is the definitive reference mapping extension for QlikView users. 

Geospatial Business Intelligence, one step beyond in the learning process of BI

GeoQlik success reflects a further degree of maturity in the learning process of Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence (BI) emerged in the 90s and has gradually become the core intention in the modeling of information systems. Today, BI comes in a variety of shapes; it is multi-purpose, multi-faceted.

Geospatial Business Intelligence, or Business Intelligence based on cartographic analysis of business data, is one of the most accurate answers to the call for innovative forms of BI.

« Many of our customers, two or three years after they went for QlikView, look at adding mapping features to their BI tool. Geo-analytics is a natural evolution for them in a wide range of business sectors ».

Marco Zampieri, founder of Esqogito Srl – QlikView and GeoQlik partner in Italy                

GeoQlik, a true GIS component dedicated to Geo Business Intelligence within QlikView

Within this context, GeoQlik turns out to be the relevant answer to enhance QlikView dashboards. Indeed, the processing power of GeoQlik, its ease of use and its seamless integration into QlikView documents are decisive factors to successfully bring QlikView users to geo-decisional Best Practices.

Currently at version 11.6, GeoQlik connects with standardized GIS formats and normalized Web services. Without heavy integration nor complex implementation, QlikView users can now benefit from the most advanced mapping and spatial analysis features available on the market. An uncompromising democratization of GIS Best Practices that Business Geografic will keep on expanding around the world.