Villeurbanne (France), 26 March 2013 - GeoQlik V11.7, the true mapping component for QlikView, will be presented during Qonnections 2013, Qlikview’s annual Global Partner Summit sponsored by GeoQlik. This brand new version brings several value-added innovations and reinforces GeoQlik’s global leadership in geo-BI integrated into QlikView.

GeoQlik, the definitive reference mapping component for QlikView

GeoQlik is the mapping extension for QlikView developed by Business Geografic, a French software provider and a worldwide recognized expert in geo-spatial Business Intelligence. GeoQlik meets a resounding success across all continents, thanks to its constantly expanding features and its ability to democratize GIS best practices. 

GeoQlik Reseller Partner Network has been growing 70 per cent annually over the last two years, with notable signs of growth:

  • a dynamic market penetration in both Asia and Oceania,
  • a strong growth in Latin American,
  • and still a greater presence in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

GeoQlik partners, as the primary beneficiaries of GeoQlik success, resell this world-class mapping extension within all sectors (health, banking, energy, transportation, retail, etc.) as well as government structures (ministries) and public services (fire brigades, national police forces, Post services, etc.).

GeoQlik V11.7 to be presented at Qonnections 2013

Every new version of GeoQlik comes with disruptive innovations that open up additional business perspectives for GeoQlik Reseller Partners. GeoQlik V11.7, to be presented during Qonnections 2013, includes among other new features:

  • a direct connection to Esri spatial databases on top of all normalized GIS formats,
  • the automatic geocoding of addresses contained in any QlikView document,
  • new display modes such as value-added flow maps and enhanced heat maps, …

… always with the same simplicity and interactivity that characterize GeoQlik’s philosophy.

GeoQlik, Qonnect Sponsor of Qonnections 2013, invites all QlikView partners to come and preview GeoQlik V11.7.