Villeurbanne (France), 17 September 2013 - GeoQlik, the mapping extension for QlikView, meets record success and recognition worldwide. GeoQlik Partner Network grows to over 100 Resellers and enters new markets in Asia and Russia.

GeoQlik Partner Network grows to over 100 Resellers 

GeoQlik is the most advanced mapping component for QlikView. Its already world-established recognition has reached record levels since version 11.7 was launched in July 2013. The new features and display modes released with version 11.7 contribute much to this success. Together with GeoQlik’s ability to process big data, they address the global increasing need for powerful, intuitive and interactive geo-analytics within QlikView. 

As a result, GeoQlik Reseller Partner Network has been growing 70 per cent annually for the third year running, with more than 100 Resellers established worldwide.

GeoQlik technologies enter new markets

Business Geografic, the French software provider behind GeoQlik, continues not only to work hand in hand with their regular Partners, but also to deploy means to extend GeoQlik’s sales coverage even further. GeoQlik Partners in Europe and North America have featured several new success stories recently, among both large companies and public organizations. GeoQlik has also recorded an outstanding break-through in Asia (Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia) and Russia.

Today, GeoQlik has definitely become part of every QlikView Partner’s sales arsenal. The latest resellers who joint GeoQlik Partner Network’s ranks can attest

“GeoQlik is a very unique mapping solution for QlikView. We are very proud to announce that Ashisuto is now proposing GeoQlik to over 500 QlikView customers in Japan”

Koji Shinmoto, Corp. Officer, Information Infrastructure Group - Ashisuto KK (Japan)

“As a QlikView pioneer in Russia, we aim at constantly bringing innovative solutions to our customers’ business analytics tools. We became the first GeoQlik Reseller Partner in Russia and we expect our QlikView customers in Retail and Telecom sectors to be the first to benefit from GeoQlik’s advanced mapping technologies. To us, GeoQlik represents a great opportunity to enrich QliView user experience with Geo-Analytics”

A. Krasnopolsky, CEO - ATK consulting Group (Russia)

GeoQlik Partners act as regional ambassadors for the most advanced mapping component for QlikView.